Rising Sun: date and place set

"Rising Sun" becomes real! In the second big meeting of the Orga Team yesterday in Böblingen and in the debriefing in Mössingen "nails with heads" were made. I am incredibly proud to announce that "Rising Sun" will take place on Saturday, the 03 April 2021, in the Gym24 in Böblingen take place and from 8 pm that day on SportGermany.tv will be broadcast live and free of charge. All news about the event can be found as usual here at Kakutogi.

Cooperation with Gym 24

Gym 24The event is made possible by the cooperation with one of the most innovative fitness studio chains in Germany: Gym 24. In a meeting with one of the managing directors Frank Luz, they quickly agreed that they would definitely work together and use synergies for this event and its basic concept.

In the really first-class and very high-quality equipped studio, a 400sqm room with a state-of-the-art ventilation system and the latest lighting and screen technology is provided for the event. In a separate warm-up area, the athletes can naturally follow the livestream on a screen, and high-quality hygiene and protection measures are also provided for the athletes. Gym 24 is an invaluable partner and supporter in this situation, making a project like "Rising Sun" possible in the first place. The noble and very modern premium location naturally enhances the setting of the planned event very much and also the appearance in the livestream is extremely positively influenced by this.

Support from Gothaer

GothaerGothaer Versicherung is not only an important partner of SportDeutschland.tv, but has also been a supporter of the events of Shidokan Germany, ADCC Germany and Shooto Germany for years. Our personal contact, the Gothaer General Agency Deile in Reutlingen, has not only always provided us with first-class insurance in recent years, but has also given us financial and active support for numerous events. Through the commitment of the general agency Deile, the very fruitful cooperation with SportDeutschland.tv came about and so in the past events such as "Shooto King" or the "ADCC German Open Championships" were broadcast live in real HD quality.

Numerous cooperations on the horizon

In difficult times, you always see the weak "die" first and the cowardly run first. But those who stand by each other in hard times and use synergies will emerge stronger from crises. I consider myself incredibly lucky that not only most of my members are truly loyal and stand in solidarity with the team, but that especially now in these times new ways of working together with solid partners are being found. "Rising Sun" sends a clear signal with its message, which is increasingly seen and also appreciated. OSU!

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