Samurai Cup - Grappling Triathlon in Leipzig

Samurai Cup - the unique grappling triathlon

On 02 September 2023 there is a world premiere to marvel at in Leipzig. Sensei Grigori Winizki has created the Samurai Cup and presents for the first time a unique triathlon in the grappling arts and MMA. The federations ADCC Germany and Shooto Germany support this ambitious and innovative project from the Samurai Fight Team Leipzig.

Samurai Cup 2023 in BJJ, Luta Livre and Shooto in every fight

Yes, you read that right. Three different disciplines in one fight to put the grappling and fight skills of the athletes through their paces. Only who is strong in each area can win here. The first round is fought in the Gi according to BJJ rules. If there is no submission in this round, the gi will be taken off in the second round and the fight will be in Luta Livre. If there is no submission in this round either, the third and last round will be fought according to Shooto rules in MMA. Here is then a victory by submission or KO/TKO possible.

The premiere of this new triathlon event will be celebrated on September 2 in Leipzig. The fights will take place in the Octagon and the event is sure to cause quite a stir. Interested fighters and teams can inform themselves and register on the official Smoothcomp page.

Registration Samurai Cup 2023

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