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Closure German Top Team HQ during Coronavirus

Dear members and relatives,

As I have already announced in the group, the situation regarding the coronavirus and its impact on public life can currently change almost by the hour. Stuttgart, Kirchheim and Böblingen have already decided to completely suspend sporting activities in fitness studios etc. It can be assumed that this will also be the case in Reutlingen at the beginning of the week. Now that we have already canceled all of our events until the end of April, I feel compelled to take the step today of also suspending training operations in our Academy in Reutlingen to be suspended. I know that this is a harsh measure, which also raises many questions among the members. Therefore, I would like to inform you of the following:

  1. According to our training contracts, we can close the academy for vacation for four weeks in a calendar year. In order to cause the least possible economic damage to you, the members, the academy is closed for vacation from Monday, 16.03.2020 up to and including 12.04.2020, for the time being once for a maximum of four weeks.
  2. It is forbidden for all members who have a key for the academy to enter the premises and hold "private trainings" (even alone) during this time.
  3. I ask you all for prudence and patience in this difficult time and hope that you all stay healthy! Please pay attention to the hints and advices for the containment of the spread of the coronavirus.

It is certain that a great deal will change in these four weeks. Ambiguities may be settled, open questions answered and the hoped-for slowdown of the pandemic achieved. But I am sure that in these four weeks we will definitely be able to foresee what will happen next and what the future holds for the next few months.

Stay prudent and above all healthy!

Your Peter

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