Seminar in Ukraine

The Shidokan Branches of Ukraine and Germany have had a close friendship for years. And just like the Germans, Ukraine also regularly produces world champions in Shidokan, be it in knockdown karate, kickboxing or even in Shidokan triathlon. The cooperation of the two branches has enriched the training of the athletes for years and also at competitions in Germany the Ukrainian athletes are always welcome. Now, next Thursday, two German athletes from the German Top Team will travel to Ukraine again to impart their knowledge in grappling and MMA to the interested athletes from Ukraine during a three-day training camp.

Head coach Peter Angerer together with the professional shooter and Shidokan world champion Sven Fortenbacher will train for three days in Ushhorod together with the successful fighters of Ukraine and teach techniques for amateur and professional Shooto. According to experience, again more than 100 athletes from all over Ukraine will participate in the three-day camp.

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