Requirements of the definition "squad athlete

All athletes residing in Germany (hereinafter referred to as "athletes"), who have taken part in an international competition of the World Federation participated and were placed (podium place 1-3) are considered top athletes. All athletes who have participated in a European or World Championship of the World Federation or in the annual All Japan Open Championships in Japan in the past 36 months are considered top athletes of Shidokan Germany, regardless of the athlete's grade. 

Particularly talented and promising athletes can be appointed by the President of ADCC Germany to the squad on trial, but only a maximum of 1 athlete per 15 existing squad athletes. This measure of talent recognition and promotion in view of the further international competitiveness of the federation was decided and put into effect with effect from 01.03.2021.

Prerequisite for a nomination as a squad athlete is a valid active membership with Shidokan Germany for the current calendar year.

List squad athletes 2021

Registration as squad athlete Shidokan Germany

In order to verify your registration as a squad athlete of ADCC Germany, we need the following information from you. Please note that we need up to 5 working days (for active members) for the verification and registration in the list of squad athletes. 

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