The management of Shidokan Germany

Peter Angerer Renshi

Branch President

Angerer Peter Renshi is a holder of the 6th Dan Shidokan Karate and was appointed Branch President for Shidokan in Germany by Soeno Kancho in 1997. Since then, Angerer Renshi has tirelessly traveled the world for Shidokan Karate and has coached numerous athletes with European and World Championship titles in his career.

Bruno Rico Sempai

Honorary Branch President

From day 1 Rico Sempai has been active all over the world with Angerer Renshi for the Shidokan and has excellent knowledge of the Shidokan and the international affairs of the federation. In 2015 Rico Sempai was appointed honorary president by Angerer Renshi and is equal to him in powers. 

Samurai Cup 2023

Winizki Grigori Sensei

Branch Director

The European and World Champion in Shidokan Karate has been active in Shidokan for years as a devoted trainer and in 2019 was appointed by Angerer Renshi as "Branch Director", representing the German Federation internationally at events and seminars.

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