Shooto 2-Day-Camp in Leipzig

Shooto 2 Day Camp

The Samurai Fight Team Leipzig under the direction of Sensei Grigori Winizki is not for nothing one of the best schools in East Germany when it comes to BJJ, grappling, Shidokan Karate and MMA is about. Sensei Grigori is a highly decorated and worldwide extremely successful fighter of the German Top Team and is a multiple European and World Champion in various disciplines. The BJJ and Luta Livre brown belt under Shihan Peter Angerer has built up a small army of aspiring and hungry fighters in Leipzig and his team is one of the top addresses in Germany, especially in Shooto and ADCC.

Shooto 2-Day-Camp in Leipzig in March

So it's no wonder that well-attended seminars and training camps with renowned instructors from all over Europe take place here on a regular basis. Last year, the first Shooto 2-Day-Camp with Peter Angerer and Sven Fortenbacher in the Samurai Fight Team was held and the event was a great success. Now another Shooto 2-Day-Camp has been scheduled by Sensei Winizki in Leipzig and all interested athletes from all over Germany can register for participation.

On the affiliation website of the German Top Team the announcement is already online and registered members of the German Top Team get directly a big discount. For all others it is called hurry up, because only to 11.03.2023 the offer price of 79.90 euros for the entire camp is valid.

Booking Shooto 2-Day-Camp in Leipzig

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