SHOOTO Contenders 34 with semi-pro fights

SHOOTO with C- and B-class fights on 30.06. in Herrenberg

It is the Traditions event series from Shooto Germany: "Contenders" enters its 34th round on June 30 and brings great MMA action to the Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg. Together with "Rookies 15", numerous MMA fights from D to B class will once again be shown on this day. While "Rookies 15" will kick off with the fights starting at 2 p.m., Contenders will continue immediately after the end of Rookies and the C-class fights will start.

In the C class, the preliminary round lasts 1×4 minutes and both knee strikes to the head in standing fights and heel hooks are permitted. Final fights last 2×3 minutes. Shin guards and knee pads are worn in the preliminary round, the finals take place without protective equipment.

All B-class fighters were contacted by email today and it remains to be seen who will ultimately be available for the semi-pro fights. In any case, there is an international field of participants with athletes from France, Austria and Germany. The pairings in the B class will be announced on Friday. If you still want to start in the C or B class, you should definitely register immediately. There are still open spots in the following classes in particular:

  • Semi Pro Shooto -65.8 kg
  • Semi Pro Shooto -77.1 kg
  • Semi Pro Shooto -93.0 kg
  • Amateur C-Class -61,2 kg
  • Amateur C class -77.1 kg

Tickets for spectators

Tickets for spectators are only available at the box office for 29.90 euros from 13:30. Only teams and fighters can order tickets in advance by e-mail to and pick them up when the fighters weigh-in. We have a limited amount of tickets available and there will be 200 seats set up around the Octagon.

Paid livestream

We will again offer a livestream of all fighters via Sportdeutschland.TV. However, this livestream will be subject to a charge for viewers and will cost 29.90 euros. This is in line with the fact that it would be unfair to charge the spectators on site and at the same time offer the stream free of charge worldwide.

Register now to take part!

Fighters and teams can still register to take part in all classes. Simply click on the graphic of the respective classes and register quickly and securely online for the fights.


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