Shooto European Championships 2019

The highlight of the year is getting closer and closer. Only eight days left to register for this year's Open Shooto European Championships in Reutlingen. And since we recently received more and more inquiries about the event, we want to briefly inform all interested here again.

1. it is NOT necessary to be a member of Shooto to register for the European Championships.
2. it is completely irrelevant what nationality the athlete has
3. each team and school can enter starters. The categories are youth (female and male from 15-17 years), women (from 18 years) and men (from 18 years).
4. Messages are only possible via Smoothcomp. The registration is only completed successfully with the payment of the entry fee. Who has not paid by the registration deadline, can not start.
5. all finalists qualify for participation in the All Japan Shooto Championships on 29.09.2019 in Odawara (Japan)
6. all fights count for the European Shooto Rankings
7. all fighters and attendants get free entrance to the evening gala "SHOOTO KINGS VIII: Samurai Spirit".
8. protective equipment is provided by the organizer. Each fighter must bring his own deep protection and gum shield.

All information about the event can be found on the official Registration page on Smoothcomp. The Shooto rulebook (in English) is available on the website of SHOOTO EUROPE available.

The box office opens at 13:30. All tickets for the evening gala SHOOTO KINGS VIII: Samurai Spirit, during which the finals in all classes will be held, are also valid during the day for the European Championships. Tickets are also available in advance here on our website in the online store available.

A Japanese delegation consisting of Shooto legend Rumina Sato, referee Takashi Ouchi, chairman Tadashi Yokoyama and promoter Kazuhiro Sakamoto will be on hand for the event.

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