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Shooto Germany

Shooto with a fabulous season 2023

Shooto Germany has the past 2022 season through SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku ended with a bang. It was a worthy end for the most active season of Shooto in Germany so far. After a well-deserved break for the teams and fighters, it starts again in February with Shooto Rookies XI. The starting signal for the 2023 season sounds loud.

We want to swear all teams and fighters to take the opportunity to compete again this season. With 3 Rookies Events, 1 Contenders and 1 Shooto Kings we offer the shooters in Germany and all over Europe a total of 5 competitions in the 1st half of 2023:

The eleventh edition of Rookies will take place on February 26 in Herrenberg. The newly opened Performance Center of Gym 24 and the German Top Team will be home to all events of Shooto Germany and will be fought as always in the Octagon of Shooto Kings. Only newcomers with a maximum of 5 amateur fights are allowed to start at this event. Who has more fights, may start in the future only at Contenders in the C-class of amateurs.


Directly in March finally follows the first event for the amateurs of the C-class (fighters with more than 5 amateur fights) and for the semi-professional fighters. Contenders is the oldest and very proven event series of Shooto Germany for all fighters who are serious about their career in MMA. While the amateurs of the C-class have to pay an entry fee, the participation in the B-class fights is free.


At the end of April, the newcomers can compete again at the 12th Rookies Event in amateur MMA. The Rookies Events of Shooto Germany currently enjoy incredible popularity and are always a guarantee for up to 50 fights on one day. So the spectators will also get their money's worth.


And of course there is also 1 week after the ADCC German Open Championships again a Rookies, so that you can climb almost monthly in the Octagon. This is the third and last Rookies event in the 1st half of the year and every athlete should thus have the opportunity to gain proper fighting experience in the first half of the year.


SHOOTO KINGS will take place twice in 2023. At the end of the 1st half with the show "Yamatodamashii" and then again in December with the German Championships of the amateurs together under the title "Impact". All B and A class MMA fighters from all over Europe can apply. Just enter on the Smoothcomp page of the event for free and our matchmaker will contact you if you are interested and set appropriate matches.

Registration SHOOTO KINGS X: Yamatodamashii

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