Shooto Germany: these athletes will be promoted

Shooto Germany

Who will be promoted to the next performance class at Shooto Germany?

The 2022 season is complete and the Rankings from Shooto Germany have been created. All the German champions have been crowned and now that the dust has settled, it was up to the athletes to decide which will advance to the next performance class.

Promotions to the C class

The following athletes will no longer be allowed to compete in the D class in the coming year 2023 and will have to compete in the C class:

  1. Björn Herrmann, Samurai Fight Team Leipzig
  2. Mert Örcun, SIT Vale Tudo Pforzheim
  3. Enes Muhammed Ergen, Bambek Perch Fightschool
  4. Hüseyin Yavuz, Atlas Gym Heilbronn
  5. Hannes Hildebrandt, Gorilla Grappling Würzburg
  6. Alpha Jalloh, Hammers Team Nuremberg

Important informationAmateur MMA athletes are allowed to choose in which amateur class (D or C class) they start in Shooto. However, one must be aware that after a victory in the C-class one may no longer start in the D-class. One must then remain in the C class. The same applies to the athletes who already have 5 amateur fights (D or C class) in their record. They are no longer allowed to start in the D class, which is reserved exclusively for the newcomers.

Promotions to the B class

The following athletes have now made the jump to the semi-professional B class with their performances in the amateurs:

  1. Tilo Kramer, Kenan Academy Würzburg
  2. Fabian Ferstl, Hammers Team Nuremberg
  3. Matthew Mays, Kenan Academy Würzburg
  4. Konstantin Kusminych, IRBIS Free Fight Club e.V.
  5. Joachim Schönberger, Kampfgeist Gym

Important information: MMA athletes in Germany are free to start even without or with only a few amateur fights in the B-class at Shooto Germany. Also here the "Victory-Rule" is valid: who wins a B-Class fight, is not allowed to fight in one of the amateur classes of Shooto in Germany anymore.

In the season 2023 Shooto Germany will again hold a total of 5 Rookies Events (D-Class), 3 Contenders Events (C- and B-Class) and 1 Shooto Kings (A-, B-, C- and D-Class with German Championships). An overview of all events of the current season with the possibility to register can be found by interested athletes and teams on our Federation platform on Smoothcomp.

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