Shooto Germany: Who can compete at the Shooto Euro 2023?

Shooto Germany

Who is eligible to compete at the European Shooto Championships?

The highlight of the year in Shooto is coming up. The biggest continental event of our fantastic sport will be celebrated with the European Shooto Championships on June 24 in Herrenberg. Shooto Germany was commissioned by Martijn de Jong to host the European Championships this year and of course this event will also be shown in our "TV studio" in the German Top Team Performance Center at Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg carried out.

But beforehand, many athletes and teams ask themselves who will be allowed to start in Herrenberg and fight for the continental title in our sport. We want to create a little clarity with this article and show you clearly who is allowed to start.

D-Class Rookies?

Yes, every fighter who has competed in the D-Class at Shooto Germany so far is of course allowed to compete at the European Shooto Championships. The D-class is a protection for the newcomers to our sport, but of course every fighter of the D-class may compete at the Europeans and fight for the most important title. Only the round times are 1 minute longer in the preliminary round, namely 1×4 minutes and the finals are held over 2×3 minutes. So, all fighters who have competed in the D class so far may also compete in the C class at the Europeans.

Amateurs of other federations?

Yes, amateurs of other federations, who have mostly fought over round times up to 3×3 minutes and with ground and pound to the head, may compete at the European Shooto Championships. A federation affiliation to Shooto is not a prerequisite for participation in the European Championships and so fighters of all federations and styles, which are considered amateur, may fight,

Semi-Pro MMA fighter?

Possibly. Fighters who have already fought a fight over 2×5 minutes in the Semi-Pros may also compete at the European Championships, provided that they do not yet have a victory in Semi-Pro MMA. Those who have a victory over a fight time of 2×5 minutes with Ground and Pound to the head are not allowed to compete at the European Championships in Shooto. If there is no victory yet, the athlete is welcome to compete.

Pro MMA fighter?

No! Professional MMA fighters who have already fought a fight scheduled for 3×5 minutes are no longer allowed to compete in the amateurs in Shooto and consequently not allowed to compete in the European Championships. It does not matter if there is a win or not. Who fights over 3×5 minutes, has nothing more to look for at the amateurs.

Background check of all athletes by Shooto Germany

Of course, all fighters who register for the European Shooto Championships will be subject to a background check by Shooto Germany. Should any irregularities occur, the fighter in question will be contacted by Shooto Germany and given the opportunity to respond. If the athlete is not eligible to compete, his registration will be deleted and he will of course receive his entry fee back.

Registration for the European Shooto Championship

As always, registration will be done via Smoothcomp. All athletes are requested to do this their profile on "publicly visible" to enable the background check. We also point out that all athletes must bring an identity card or passport to the weigh-in.

Registration European Shooto Championships

European Shooto Championships

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