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Shooto is a Japanese "Mixed Martial Arts" league, which exists since 1980 and is therefore the first and oldest organization in this still young sport. In Japan Shooto is understood and taught as a separate sport. Shooto in Japan has always been based on a separation of "amateur" and "professional" sports and dedicated itself early on to the creation of an amateur league. The Japan Shooto Association is responsible for the amateur sport and Professional Shooto Japan holds professional fights with athletes from all over the world. 

Since 2009 Shooto is also represented in Germany as an association. Peter Angerer was commissioned by Shooto Europe President Martijn de Jong to spread Shooto as a sport in Germany and to organize events and competitions. Since then, the German Shooto athletes celebrate an unprecedented victory march in Europe and Japan. For the first time Peter Angerer was also able to achieve that German athletes were allowed to compete at the All Japan Amateur Shooto Championships in Japan in 2017 and already in 2018 followed the first medal success at probably the biggest event in the world, when Markus Held (German Top Team HQ) took 2nd place. In 2019, Christina Brauchle won for the first time a non-Japanese woman in the women's category of this sport. 

Peter Angerer has been instrumental in building a strong amateur league in Shooto in Europe and will continue to work towards these goals on an ongoing basis.

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