The management of Shooto Germany

Peter Angerer

President Shooto Germany

The Luta Livre and BJJ black belt is himself a veteran of Mixed Martial Arts with 25 professional fights in his record. In the process, he fought to the currently largest European labels "Cagewarriors" and "FX3" and was also in world title fights in both organizations. 

His immense experience and his over the decades good contacts worldwide in the scene benefit him especially in the organization of national and international events of Shooto in Germany.

German Shooto Commission

Bruno Rico

Chairman German Shooto Commission

He has accompanied and supported Shooto from day 1 in Germany. As a companion of Peter Angerer, Bruno Rico was himself already at the All Japan Shooto Open in Japan, maintains good contacts to Japan to the Shooto Federation and is himself an ISC certified Shooto Referee. 

Starting in 2023, the five-language organizational genius will guide the fortunes of the German Shooto Commission and bring his expertise and knowledge to the athletes in Germany.

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