Shooto in May canceled!

Due to the Coronavirus, the city of Reutlingen has cancelled all events in municipal halls until the end of May 2020 for the time being. In addition, a decree was issued today by the Ministry of Culture Baden-Württemberg (Link to PDF), according to which all events with more than 100 people will not take place for the time being until mid-June. A training operation in a martial arts school is also prohibited. In anticipation that this would happen, we have already announced yesterday to stop the training operation in the German Top Team in Reutlingen to be suspended, and have announced operational leave for the time being. This remains in place.

This means in particular that the planned Shooto Amateur European Championships and the event SHOOTO KINGS IX: Kunoichi will not take place as planned on May 16 in the Wittumhalle in Reutlingen. As I have already mentioned, it would be foolhardy to come up with "alternative dates" here, as the situation cannot be foreseen in terms of time.

The expected financial losses are immense and certainly threaten the existence of the company. Nevertheless, my primary concern is the health of all our members and their families. I ask you to take care of yourselves and above all to remain prudent. In the current situation, panic or hasty action will certainly not help you through this crisis. Stick together as a family, take care of each other and be there for each other! Together, we will also master this challenge and emerge from this trial stronger than before.

Your Peter

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