SHOOTO KINGS 9: Sengoku as a crowning season finale

Shooto Kings

SHOOTO KINGS with over 40 fights

What better way to end an extremely eventful season than when teams and fighters from Hamburg to Stuttgart, Lüdenscheid to Ulm and from France and Georgia come together? For a whole day the fighters, coaches and officials celebrated their love for MMA with a total of 39 fights. There were numerous great fights to marvel at and the athletes did Shooto all honor. Shooto Kings was a thoroughly successful conclusion to the 2022 season for the professionals and amateurs.

German Shooto Championships in the program

Traditionally, the German Shooto Championships were again held as part of this spectacle. And it should also be the strongest championships of Shooto Germany so far. Over 40 fighters from 17 schools were at this year's German Championships at the start and provided with a total of 35 fights for a real mammoth event. But the German Shooto Commission around Bruno Rico mastered the task with bravura and ensured with their usual sovereignty and professionalism that the championships were a complete sporting success.

Shooto Kings

Grandiose performances of the fighters

However, it must also be said quite clearly that the performances of the fighters last Saturday were a class of their own. Already in the D-class fights were seen, which left the spectators breathless and their mouths open. The fights in the C-class then showed further that quite a few athletes in Germany are ready for the step to the semi-pros in the B-class. In the coming days, the German Shooto Commission will discuss which athletes in the amateur camp will be promoted from D to C class and ultimately from C to B class.

As always, all fights were organized and managed via Smoothcomp, so not only could you access the results a few minutes after the event, but also the German ranking list of amateurs was updated and renewed in real time.

Results German Shooto Championships 2022

The Hammers team from Nuremberg won the overall ranking of the schools with one gold, two silver and three bronze medals. In 13 fights, the athletes from Bavaria were victorious 8 times and were able to score 51 points in the standings with their performance. Already at the past Rookies events the team showed itself incredibly well prepared and the Franconians send every time a regular army to the events of Shooto Germany. Chapeau!

Livestream of the entire event

Thanks to the cooperation with SportsGermany.TV and the Gothaer Neckar-Alb District Office we were able to realize a livestream at this event again. Moderated by René Zeller and Johannes Richter, the fans at home could watch the action in the octagon of the Gym24 in Herrenberg. And the numbers can be seen: 2,000 spectators followed the fights of the German Championships! The livestream of the evening Gala Shooto Kings 9 was also available via a Fightpass against payment.

The fights of the Main Card

Noel Nyunting (Parabellum Combat Club/France) vs. Josif Amoev (Samurai Fight Team/Germany)

Amoev, who was already victorious at Shooto "Contenders XXXI" in his debut with TKO, did not leave anything to chance in this fight. His opponent Nyunting from France had not much to oppose the dynamically fighting student of Shidokan world champion Grigori Winizki. Amoev literally overran the Frenchman with a cannonade of punches and kicks before he knocked him down with several knee strikes to the head and referee Markus Held was forced to end the duel in the first round.

With 2 KO wins in 2 fights in the semi-pros, the strong Georgian from Leipzig has made a clear announcement to the fighters in the lightweight division. There is a promising talent growing up in Leipzig!

Julius Gebele (Atlas Gym Heilbronn) vs. Erhan Günes (German Top Team HQ)

The heavyweights continued to fight well. Julius Gebele from Heilbronn was not impressed by the powerful swings of Günes from Reutlingen and continued to score good shots from a distance. Especially in the clinch on the cage Gebele played his routine to the full and slowly but surely wore down Günes. In the second round, Günes' face was visibly drawn and it became clear that he would not be able to put Gebele in too much trouble. With a cool head and dynamite in his fists Gebele did not let him steal the butter from his bread and secured a clear and unanimous points victory after two rounds.

With this, the Heilbronn native has clearly shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in Germany at heavyweight and it will be a pleasure to follow his further development in the pros.

Nika Bregvadze (Mix Fight Gym/Georgia) vs. Amin Aichele (Grapple&Move Freiberg/Germany)

Just a few weeks ago, the Luta Livre Blackbelt from the German Top Team made a name for himself when he was the first man to complete the infamous 50-man kumite in Luta Livre. The documentary about this on YouTube truly went around the world. And Amin wasn't about to rest on his laurels. When his teammate Grigori Winitski dropped out shortly before the event due to a herniated disc and the Georgian was left without an opponent and a fight, he offered himself for a superfight in grappling against the man from Tbilisi.

And it was to be a very short performance. After a short feeling out in the standing position Amin jumped in with a scissor takedown, got Bregvadze's leg and he had to tap out in the heel hook just a few seconds later. A fantastic performance by Amin Aichele, who showed that he rightly carries his fight name "Aminari".

Nika Kuprashvili (Mix Fight Gym/Georgia) vs. Sven Fortenbacher (German Top Team HQ/Germany)

He was unbeaten so far and he visibly wanted to stay that way. The Georgian Kuprashvili made it clear from the first second that he had not flown to Germany to lose. With spectacular throws he brought Sven Fortenbacher to the ground and immediately started with hard ground and pound. Fortenbacher, who controlled well from the guard, was then unceremoniously lifted several times by Kurpashvili and slammed hard to the floor of the Octagon. It was a tactic that paid off, as the Georgian was able to soften up the Reutlinger's strong guard. Fortenbacher managed to get an armbar in the first round, but the Georgian was able to escape and secure the first round.

In round 2 Kuprashvili turned up the heat again and after a cracking takedown applied hard punches in the ground and pound that knocked Fortenbacher out cold. Heavily marked, the Reutlingen native remained dazed on the ground for a long time and was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance. The Georgian, on the other hand, was able to celebrate a brilliant victory in his 4th professional fight and can continue to call himself undefeated. A truly frighteningly strong performance of the fighter from Georgia, who will certainly soon be seen in one of the major leagues worldwide.

Results SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku

Summary of SHOOTO KINGS IX 2022

It took full three years that again an event of Shooto Kings takes place in Germany. And it can be said with certainty: the wait after the pandemic was worth it. Currently, the results of all 40 fights are sent to Tapology forwarded, where they should then be included in the official fight records of the athletes this week.

We would like to thank all sponsors, helpers, officials, fighters, teams and friends for a great season 2022 and the loud and always sportive atmosphere at the fights. In 2023, we will still put a huge shovel on it for you!

In this sense, it only remains for us to wish you all a happy, peaceful and hopefully carefree holiday season and a happy new year. SHOOTO IS ICHIBAN!

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