SHOOTO KINGS 9: Sengoku - Standing room sold out

Shooto Kings

Shooto Kings tickets on sale

The Advance ticket sales for SHOOTO KINGS IX: Sengoku is running at full speed. After the 1st row of seats was already sold out, there is now also no ticket left for the standing room. So far, about 2/3 of all seats are gone and there are only tickets left in the 2nd-4th row at the Octagon. Already from 39,90 Euro you can buy live on site on 10.12. in the wonderful Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg be there when Shooto Germany is finally back with an event of the Shooto Kings series after a break of three years and presents the best shooters of Germany to the spectators on site and on the screens.

Shooto Kings

Great ambience at Gym 24

The ultra-modern and luxuriously furnished Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg offers a unique setting for such an event. The Octagon of Shooto Germany is set up in its own hall with over 400sqm and about 240 seats directly at the cage offer the spectators an excellent view of the action in the cage. No spectator sits more than 8 m away from the cage and so you can say that in the studio atmosphere really everyone gets his money's worth.

Catering by the neighbor child Tübingen

The Tübingen Trend Pub "Neighbor Child" of Shooto fighter Artjom Reband is responsible for the catering in the hall already during the day during the preliminaries of the German Shooto Championships 2022. In addition to great snacks and dishes, there will also be vegan food for the spectators and players. Also in the evening the catering is ready with all drinks and food for the spectators.

Unique gifts of honor for the winners

Another unique selling point for the Shooto competitions this year are certainly the custom made champion rings of Shooto for the winners of all fights. At an event like the German Championships and the professional fights, Shooto Germany does not let itself down and provides with the rings a unique piece of jewelry in high quality design for the winners. Who leaves the Octagon on 10.12. as a winner is a special and valuable souvenir richer.

Great sponsors help us

Without the help of special sponsors and partners such an event would not be conceivable. For this reason, we would like to explicitly name all sponsors again at this point:

The Advance ticket sales is now open online and the beautiful Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg will provide a fantastic backdrop for the event. So there are only four rows of seats around the Octagon and you sit a maximum of 6-7 meters away from the Octagon. So you are up close and personal and even the standing room from the gallery offers an excellent view of the fights, so you won't miss any detail.


Place: Gym 24 Lifestyle, Daimlerstrasse 13, Herrenberg
Date: Saturday, 10.12.2022
Time: 8 pm (admission from 7:00 pm)

Main Event

A-Class Shooto (3×5 minutes) Men -70,3 kg: Sven "Fujin" Fortenbacher (German Top Team HQ) vs. Nika Kupravishvili (Mix Fight Georgia)

Co-Main Event

A-Class Shooto (3×5 minutes) Men -77,1 kg: Grigori Winizki (Samurai Fight Team) vs. Nika Bregvadze (Mix Fight Georgia)

Featured Fights

B-Class Shooto (2×5 minutes) Men -120,0 kg: Erhan Günes (German Top Team HQ) vs. Julius Gebele (Atlas Gym Heilbronn)

B-Class Shooto (2×5 minutes) Men -70,3 kg: Josif Amoev (Samurai Fight Team) vs. Noel Nyunting (Parabellum Combat Club)


All Final fights of the German Amateur Shooto Championships for adults in the D and C class. Here are expected about another 10 fights with the best MMA newcomers in Germany.


First row of seats directly at the Octagon: 69,90 Euro (sold out)
Second row of seats at the Octagon: 59,90 Euro
Third row of seats at the Octagon: 49,90 Euro
Fourth row of seats at the Octagon: 39,90 Euro
Standing room ticket at the gallery: 19,90 Euro (sold out)

Attention! All tickets are e-tickets and can be picked up directly at the entrance to the event on 10/12/2022. We will not send tickets or reserve unpaid. The tickets are also valid for the pre-fights of the German Shooto Championships from 1 pm and you can enter the location from 12:30 pm. From 19 o'clock one receives then with the map also entrance to the evening Gala or can fetch the maps starting from 19 o'clock at the entrance.

A box office takes place only from 14-18 clock, where you may still have a small contingent of tickets available. So you should definitely use the advance ticket sales to make sure you have a ticket for the event.

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