SHOOTO KINGS X: Yamatodamashii postponed to December 2023


SHOOTO KINGS X not until December 2023

The flagship of professional Shooto in Germany likes to use important occasions to hold its events in a befitting setting in Germany. Mostly these are European or German championships of the amateurs of Shooto, as the spectators then get to see national and international title fights of the best shooters in addition to some selected professional encounters. While other fightcards are often stuffed with "card fillers" at the last minute due to cancellations, it was Shooto Germany always important to present only first-class MMA sport to its viewers.

Shooto Kings 9: Sengoku

This was also the plan for the upcoming European Championships on June 24 in Herrenberg. In addition to fighters from all over Europe, some hand-picked fights of the highest quality should be presented to the spectators at SHOOTO KINGS X: Yamatodamashii. But some failures in the planned fights make us here a huge line through the bill. And instead of filling the free places with any fighters, we have decided to let the event take place only in December together with the German championships of the amateurs.

It has always been our claim to present with SHOOTO KINGS really high-quality and first-class MMA sport to the German fans. Fighters from Japan, Brazil and from renowned promotions such as the UFC, Bellator, DEEP and Professional Shooto Japan have already stood in the ring here. First and foremost, the Japanese Mamoru Uoi, the main fight at SHOOTO KINGS V: Critical Mass against the European champion Frank Stäblein, and is now a familiar name to fans, especially through his appearances on RIZIN.

Judith Ruis also fought a tough battle here against Yukari Nabe, who is now one of the absolute stars of DEEP Jewels and has fought in the world-famous quintet of Kazushi Sakuraba. Or Tanja Angerer, who solved her ticket to Japan with her impressive victory against Sayuri Yamaguchi and has already fought there for the professional world title in Shooto.

So SHOOTO KINGS is a flagship and a stepping stone. But certainly not an event that offers second-rate fightcards when the good fighters are just not available.

We will prepare a fantastic fightcard for December at SHOOTO KINGS X and then we will be able to live up to our own claim to deliver exactly the fights that the fans and we want to see.

Great action at the European Shooto Championships

Nevertheless, fight fans will be able to watch an excellent event on June 24. The 21st European Shooto Championships in Herrenberg will offer the spectators from 14 clock great sport with the best MMA amateurs of our continent. Of course, especially many Germans will be at the start and accordingly many fans will be on site in the hall. So a witch's cauldron atmosphere is guaranteed.


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