Shooto Rankings - German Championships 2020

After the extremely successful 5th South German Championships of the amateurs in Shooto in the German Top Team Academy last Saturday has Shooto Germany now updated the German rankings in all classes and brought them up to date. And the rankings show how actively they have worked towards the highlight - the German Championships 2020 - also in the past season.

The current and reigning champions are:

  • Bantamweight -61.2 kg: Aleksander Zaki (SIT Vale Tudo Team Pforzheim)
  • Featherweight -65.8 kg: Jakob Hafner (Dojo Wonneberg)
  • Lightweight -70.3 kg: Gian Lucas Werner (Combat Center Lüneburg)
  • Welterweight -77,1 kg: Julian Schickle (Grind Gang MMA)
  • Middleweight -83,9 kg: Stephan Hazizowic (Combat Center Lüneburg)
  • Light heavyweight -93,0 kg: vacant
  • Heavyweight -120,0 kg: vacant

These champions must return their champion belts to Shooto Germany by 11.04.2020 and thus clear the way for a new championship for the belts. Of course, the defending champions are automatically eligible to compete. Only Stephan Hazizowic from Combat Center Lüneburg is no longer allowed to fight for the title, as he was promoted to professional status by the Japan Shooto Association after his success at the All Japan Amateur Shooto Championships 2019 in Odawara.

The current rankings in all weight classes have now been linked on the Shooto Germany website in the menu under "Rankings". The rankings automatically cover all official events of Shooto Germany and are automatically updated after all events and brought up to date. Thus, the German Shooto Rankings are the only amateur rankings in MMA in Germany, which is computerized.

Here we offer you now also the access to the rankings in the individual weight classes:

Shooto Germany Team Rankings

Men "Pound for Pound" Rankings

Men -61,2 kg

Men -65,8 kg

Men -70,3 kg

Men -77,1 kg

Men -83,9 kg

Men -93,0 kg

Men -120,0 kg

All fighters who are listed in the ranking list in the respective class are eligible to start. For example, if a fighter is ranked in the lightweight category, he may only compete in the lightweight category at the German Championships.

The registration for the German Championships on 12.04.2020 in Reutlingen is now online and qualified fighters can now register for participation.

Registration German Shooto Championships 2020

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