Shooto Rookies 11 and Shooto Contenders 33 combined

Shooto Rookies 11

Shooto Rookies 11 must be postponed

The German Top Team Performance Center will open on the weekend of February 25 and 26. For this reason must Shooto Germany postpone the Shooto Rookies 11 scheduled for February 26 and of course we always try to find the best and easiest solution for the teams and fighters. The resulted on 25.03., where already Shooto Contenders 33 is scheduled. Without further ado, both events will be held on the same day. This "emergency solution" had already been made last November and proved to be extremely desirable to the teams.

So now on 25.03. again two events will be held directly after each other in the brand new and beautiful German Top Team Performance Center in Herrenberg and offer Shooto and MMA action full of amateurs.

Preparation for European Shooto Championships

In view of the upcoming European Shooto Championships in Herrenberg in June, it is incredibly important that the amateur MMA fighters gain as much experience as possible to be well prepared to step into the Octagon in June. The continental highlight of the year will bring fighters from many European countries to Germany and of course these championships offer an exceptionally good opportunity to attract international attention.

European Shooto Championships

We offer you here a short list of the Shooto events in the 1st half of 2023 and link to the registration and info at Smoothcomp:

25.03.2023: Shooto Rookies 11 (D-Class)

25.03. 2023: Shooto Contenders 33 (C and B class)

30.04.2023: Shooto Rookies 12 (D-Class)

28.05.2023: Shooto Rookies 13 (D-Class)

24.06.2023: European Shooto Championships (C-Class)

24.06.2023: Shooto Kings 10: Yamatodamashii (B- and A-Class)

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