SHOOTO "Rookies 5" a great success!

It was the first Shooto tournament since the Lockdown and already in the run-up I was overwhelmed by the extremely large response. In the end, we even had to make a registration stop, because otherwise we could not have managed this mass of participants during the currently difficult Corona time, without endangering the safety of the participants. What then yesterday ...

What then yesterday from 14 o'clock under exclusion of the public in the German Top Team HQ was offered, was a special event of Shooto Germany. 34 gripping fights on a high technical level showed 34 athletes from 17 schools from all over Germany and France. The fairness and sportsmanship of the participants and coaches were particularly noteworthy.

Also the work of the Shooto Commission, yesterday under the direction of Sven Fortenbacher, did a great job and guided the fighters safely through the encounters. A big thank you at this point also again to Okami Fightgear for the great and high quality Shooto protection equipment.

SHOOTO Rookies 5 results

As always, the entire results of the fights can be viewed in full and in real time on Smoothcomp. About this link you will get to the results.

Registration for SHOOTO Rookies 6 on 22.11.2020 in Reutlingen

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