Shooto "Rookies III" on 14.04. in Reutlingen

On April 14, the newcomers and newcomers may once again operate in Shooto. "Rookies III" offers interested MMA athletes a safe entry into the sport under slightly relaxed rules. Thus, the round times are limited to 3 minutes (preliminaries) and 2 rounds of 2 minutes each (finals) and particularly injury-prone actions, such as knee strikes to the head and twisted heel levers are prohibited. Otherwise, the Shooto rules remain in force.

Only athletes who have 5 or less amateur fights in Shooto, MMA, Boxing or Kich-/Thaiboxing are allowed to fight. Black belts of any martial arts will not be admitted. Athletes who are Purplebelt in Luta Livre, BJJ or comparable graduated in Judo or Sambo are not allowed to participate. Also excluded are wrestlers who fight in a league.

In this way, Shooto Germany wants to ensure that the athletes do not have to compete against much more experienced opponents in their first fights.

Interested athletes and teams can register their fighters via the official Register message page on Smoothcomp here. A membership in Shooto Germany is not necessary. All results count for the German Amateur Shooto Ranking and are included in the qualification for the German Championship. The closing date for entries is 11.04.2019.

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