SHOOTO "Rookies IX" a smashing success

Shooto Germany
Pictures by: INSTA: @der.buntstifter Everything else: "(c) dAVE. e. rÄMM"

On Sunday it went in the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen again high in the Octagon. Shooto "Rookies IX" was on the agenda and the newcomer series is slowly becoming the favorite of all teams and fighters at Shooto Germany. 25 fights with athletes from all over Germany and even Austria were represented at the event and let it rip.

The "German Shooto Commission" was represented by Sven Fortenbacher (Referee), René Zeller (Referee), Amin Aichele (Judge), Gela Deisadze (Judge), Grigori Winizki (Judge), Peter Angerer (Supervisor) and Dr. Jürgen Mack (Ring Doctor). Under the supervision of these experienced officials, "Rookies IX" ran like clockwork, right on time at all times and, above all, injury-free. At the same time this was the first Shooto competition in Germany of the amateurs, which was held without the previous head protection.

So the course is set for the upcoming German Championships this year and the annual highlight SHOOTO KINGS.

As always, the results of all the fights are here on Smoothcomp:

Results SHOOTO "Rookies IX

A gallery with more than 100 pictures from the fights is available at the Facebook page of Shooto Germany for all to see.


All teams and athletes should take the opportunity and still compete in these competitions to make themselves fit for the German Championships on 10.12.2022 in Herrenberg:

SHOOTO "Contenders XXXII" on 15.10. in Reutlingen 

(C-Class Amateur and B-Class Semi-Pro)

SHOOTO "Rookies X" on 06.11. in Reutlingen

(D-Class Amateurs)

German Shooto Championships on 10.12. in Herrenberg

(D and C class amateurs)

SHOOTO KINGS IX "Sengoku" on 10.12. in Herrenberg

(B and A class professional Shooto)


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