Shooto "Rookies VI" 2022 a great success!


Shooto Germany is back! Yesterday's Shooto "Rookies VI" in the German Top Team Reutlingen was a great start to the new competition season of Shooto Germany. And on the part of the organization team, they had prepared well for the onslaught.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the teams and fighters who so patiently and willingly cooperated yesterday to check the vaccination certificates, check in to the LUCA app, constantly disinfect their hands and equipment and and and... But they all showed that even in times of Corona you can hold a great and spectacular event. The fact that there were no spectators on site to cheer on the fighters did not matter at all. From the first to the last fight there was a great atmosphere, characterized by great sportsmanship and fairness.

The Shooto Commission under the direction of Sven Fortenbacher did a terrific job and there was not a single verdict that anyone wanted to discuss or complain about.

Results Shooto "Rookies VI

Already on March 20, the next event is planned for the newcomers. Shooto "Rookies VII" will continue exactly where I left off with this event: great, fair sport for the teams from all over Europe who want to bring their fighters further. Registration for "Rookies VII" is already open! As always we will inform you here on Kakutogi keep up to date with the news on this.

Registration Shooto "Rookies VII

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