Shooto "Rookies VII" stands!

Shooto "Rookies VI on 30.01.2022 sets a new record for participation and Shooto "Rookies VII is already in the starting blocks. It's on at Shooto Germany!

Fabulous 64 participants have registered for the fights in 10 days in the German Top Team HQ Reutlingen registered. And almost 30 others had not even completed their registration. It is unbelievable how great the interest in Shooto Newcomer events is right now. We had no choice but to close the registration prematurely and to recommend the disappointed athletes not to be too hesitant with the registration next time.

On March 20 is now the opportunity to show that this time you do not spill, but klotzt. Shooto "Rookies VII" is already the second newcomer event, which was scheduled for this year. In addition, great news for all female athletes: Shooto "Rookies" also offers women the opportunity to compete in amateur Shooto under a safe set of rules.

All news and information about the events of Shooto Germany can be found here at Kakutogi.

Registration Shooto "Rookies VII


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