Shooto seminar in Würzburg

I love being in Würzburg at the Kenan Academy to be a guest. Interested people who train and learn ambitiously and the hospitality of Rafael Pratnicki and his boys is simply second to none. So I was all the more delighted when I received an invitation from Rafael a few days ago to take part in the Sunday, June 02 to hold another Shooto seminar at the Kenan Academy in Würzburg. Five hours of fun on the mat will be held the day after this year's European Championships provide plenty of variety and at the same time round off the entire weekend in a dignified manner.

Interested MMA enthusiasts should start with Rafael Pratnicki via its Facebook page or directly via the Seminar e-mail Get in touch. Anyone who is interested in learning and developing is welcome to attend. Shooto lock flows and quick kills have been named as the focus of the seminar, so the entire seminar will be devoted to submissions. I think it goes without saying that numerous leglocks will be used again.

So if you're in the Würzburg area and fancy five hours of MMA input, you can book your place at the seminar via Rafael and ask for more information. I'm definitely looking forward to meeting lots of old and new friends and spending time together on the mat.

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