SHOOTO and ADCC: Entry deadline on Thursday!


The coming weekend will be a MEGA event for Shooto Germany and ADCC Germany. Once again, we're heading into a non-stop fight weekend with great events from both federations. And once again we will be providing a livestream from the Gym 24 Lifestyle in Herrenberg report worldwide. In addition to the ADCC German National Championships on Saturday, on Sunday there will be Shooto Rookies 16 MMA newcomers, but the C-Class (amateurs) and B-Class (semi-pros) also take part in the Shooto Contenders 34 to the course. In total, we will see around 100 fights on both days and this time the fights will take place in the Livestream be available to buy as a Fightpass.

Entry deadline for both days on Thursday


Let's start with what is probably the most important national no-gi grappling event of the year, the ADCC German National Championships. Traditionally, the ADCC German championship titles are fought out in Herrenberg before the summer break at the end of June and it will be interesting to see who will be at the top again this year.

Among the professionals, Adrian Zeitner and Mo Ilkay are names to watch out for, as both have already won gold at ADCC in Germany several times. The 1,000 euros in prize money for the winner of the Absolute Professional Men's Division should provide the necessary fuel for the action on the mat to explode.

All interested teams and fighters must have completed and paid their registration by Thursday at 11:59 pm at the latest in order to participate in the tournament. The brackets will be published on Friday morning and after that there will be no possibility to register or re-register.

At the last Shooto Rookies, we broke the absolute record with over 70 participants, but we also reached our limits. For this reason, we have pulled the ripcord and closed registration early. In order to give the fighters who were unable to compete the opportunity to get into the cage, we decided to schedule Rookies 16 for the end of June. And the response is great again! Only 6 starting places are still available to crack the participant limit of 50 fighters. Then it's time to close entries early again!

So if you still want to start in the D class in Shooto next Sunday, you should hurry up and complete and pay for your registration as quickly as possible. With 50 fighters, we are once again closing registration and are looking forward to some great MMA fights among the newcomers.

Immediately after the rookie fights, Contenders 34 will continue seamlessly in the C and B classes. The C-Class Amateurs and B-Class Semi Pro fighters will be able to present themselves in front of a large audience and in a worldwide livestream. Some of the best shooters who have fought their way up the ranks at Shooto Germany in recent years will be at the start. Of course, there will also be international participation in the semi-pro fights with athletes from France, Austria and all over Germany.

Here is an important note for all semi-pro fightersPlease make sure that you are really going to take part when you register for the competition. If you do not intend to compete or are unsure, you should remove yourself from the list of participants. If you get a single fight in the brackets and then don't compete, you deprive your opponent of the opportunity to fight. So please be sporting and only stay on the list of participants if you are 100% in weight and uninjured and will show up for the competition.

All athletes and teams who are on the lists after the registration deadline and are matched for a fight and then - for whatever reason - do not appear for the competition will receive a 1-year ban for all Shooto Germany events in Germany. Please note: the athletes' teams are also banned for 1 year. 

The same applies to Shooto: no more changes or late entries after the entry deadline on Thursday at 11:59 pm!

Livestreams as Fightpass

Both events will again be livestreamed by Patrick Deile with the help of Sportdeutschland.TV and the Gothaer Bezirksdirektion Neckar-Alb. However, these livestreams are offered in the Fightpass, i.e. the viewer pays as much for the livestream as for a ticket on site. That would be 9.90 euros on Saturday for the ADCC German Nationals in the bundle, whereby you can then watch unlimited replays of all fights on both mats.

Shooto on Sunday costs 29.90 euros, but you get hours of thrilling MMA action with over 50 live fights and can also watch all fights in unlimited replay.

We will add the livestreams to our homepage here on Friday and you will then be able to watch the livestreams conveniently and easily via our website.

Spectator tickets on site

Of course, spectators are also welcome live in the hall. We ask that all teams and spectators please note the following times and prices to buy a ticket for the events on site:

Saturday, ADCC: Admission for spectators from 10.30 am, Ticket 9,90 Euro (Children under 14 years free)

Sunday, Shooto: Admission for spectators from 13:30, Ticket 29,90 Euro (no admission for children under 14 years)

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