Shooto competitions until the European Championship 2020

With Shooto "Rookies IV" one has created last Saturday a worthy end of 2019 in the amateurs, however, the current season of Shooto still runs until May 2020. This change became necessary in order not to let the athletes fall into a three or four months long "hole" after a hard season, before it then goes back into the full with the European Championships. So, starting from this year, the Shooto season has been detached from the usual calendar year and the annual European Championships have been set as the final point of the season.

This is to ensure that the athletes are in top condition and in full competitive form for the European Championships to optimize their chances of qualifying to compete at the All Japan Shooto Championships in Odawara.

Today the dates for the upcoming Shooto events in spring 2020 were announced and for the first competitions you can already register.

But also with the professionals one wants to increase. For this reason, there will be two "Contenders" events of Shooto from 2020, in which interested fighters can fight for the first time according to semi-pro regulations in Shooto. Admitted are also fighters who do not yet have any experience in the pro area and want to recommend themselves quasi from the amateur camp for professional fights at "SHOOTO KINGS". However, the amateurs would not be allowed to continue competing in the amateurs after a victory in the semi-pro area. A decision that should therefore be well considered. Registration for "Contenders" is of course free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed. The results of the fights will be transmitted to the world's leading database "Tapology" and listed there as professional fights.

But now here are the links to the events at Smoothcomp:

4th West German Amateur Shooto Championships 2020

5th South German Amateur Shooto Championships 2020

SHOOTO "Contenders XXXI" 2020

German Amateur Shooto Championships 2020 Open European Amateur Shooto Championships 2020


Shooto "Rookies" 2020

Further dates are already being planned and will be announced after confirmation in the Event calendar on Smoothcomp recorded.

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