Summer Seminar Tour

summer seminar tour

Summer Seminar Tour 2024

In June/July 2024, I will be back in some gyms and will be giving seminars in the Luta Livre (grappling) and Shooto (MMA). My journey will take me from Würzburg to beautiful Switzerland and I will be on the road for a total of four seminars, which you should not miss. My Summer Seminar Tour offers you the opportunity to work with me on your grappling and MMA game and close important gaps. You can always contact the organizing school directly to secure your place at the seminar and be there live.

02.06.2024: Kenan Academy Würzburg

I love being with the people at the Kenan Academy and appreciate the family atmosphere and the great sporting spirit of coach Rafael Pratnicki's team.

Topic: Shooto Lockflows and "Quick Kills" for MMA and grappling

Contact: Website

08./09.062024: Martial Arts Center Winterthur (Switzerland)

This weekend, I will be one of three speakers alongside Franco Vacirca and my colleague Tobias Mack, who will be teaching about grappling in MMA. My participation in the seminar at Ferdi Hutter's school was arranged by my professor Franco Vacirca.

Topic: Grappling/Jiu-Jitsu for MMA

Contact: Website

14.07.2024: Atlas Gym Heilbronn

I also feel as comfortable in this gym as a fish in water. Sven and Manuel are excellent trainers and great people who make it easy to feel at home in the Atlas Gym.

Topic: Positioning for striking in ground fighting for MMA and Combat Jiu-Jitsu

Contact: Website

28.07.2024: German Top Team HQ Reutlingen

My Home is my Castle! Teaching at the German Top Team HQ is always a special pleasure for me, as I get to see many old friends and often new faces. There is simply nothing like training in the new HQ premises in Reutlingen under new management!

Topic: SHOOTO (MMA) Seminar with graduations from Shooto Germany

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