ADCC German Open Championships 2019

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The ADCC German Open Championships 2019 last Saturday was a real highlight in the German grappling scene. Over 240 participants from teams from Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Kuwait, USA, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, Poland and of course Germany were here at the start and fought on the mats for the coveted medals. ...

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The upcoming ADCC German Open Championships on Saturday in the Wittumhalle in Reutlingen have already exceeded all expectations by far! In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, the initial plan was to allow only around 200 participants, which would have far exceeded the previous number of around 150. However, the rush to Germany's

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ADCC German Open Championships 2019

After having been successfully held in Mainz and Magdeburg so far, the probably most prestigious grappling tournament in Germany will come to the south of the Federal Republic for the first time this year, more precisely to the picturesque Reutlingen. As of today, the date and the location are fixed and thanks to the support of OKAMI FIGHTGEAR, the championships will be held on brand-new equipment specially ...

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