Day passes for HELL WEEK 2022

Hell Week

It's going to be a tough week! It will be HELL WEEK in the German Top Team! Seven days of training up to 7 hours a day under the guidance of 8 Blackbelts and professional fighters. Harder - but also better - it hardly goes. Of course, people without vacation at this time are now a bit embarrassed, but as always, we have day passes available for this HELL WEEK.

Quite comfortably and online everyone can choose his day or several days and book them. Of course you can also read in general the whole info on the HELL WEEK 2022 and above all make sure that you have everything you need with you.

The training starts in the morning at 08:00 and ends in the evening at 20:30. With such a workload, no one will have "stupid thoughts". If you click on the images below you will be taken directly to the booking page on the German Top Team Affiliation site. You can pay with PayPal or Stripe. Besides credit cards, you can also pay by direct debit or even by installments. Take a look at the individual days.

Sunday, 07/31: Tanja Angerer

The first day of the HELL WEEK is all about takedowns and throws. Tanja is a Blackbelt in Luta Livre and holder of the 2nd Dan in Judo. So she knows how to slay people with a whole planet.

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Monday, 01.08.: Stefan Larisch

Stefan is one of the very few holders of the 3rd Dan in Luta Livre and extremely successful as a professional MMA fighter. He fought at Respect FC and was also already at M-1 Global in Moscow to admire. You should not miss him in any case.

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Tuesday, 02.08.: Sven Fortenbacher

Sven is one of the most successful professional fighters from the German Top Team and especially in MMA he is a real house number. However, he had his greatest success in Shidokan by winning the Shidokan Triathlon Professional World Championships 2018 in Ukraine.

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Wednesday, 03.08.: Yuli Nagata

Another world champion in the ranks of coaches at HELL WEEK 2022, Yuli is a fearsome striker and was the 2019 Kuwait champion at the Shidokan Triathlon Professional World Championships. But he is also a successful MMA professional and grappler. We are looking forward to his visit!

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Thursday, 04.08.: Diego Figueiredo

Diego is an umpteen-time champion in BJJ and grappling. He will lead two valuable sessions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and teach participants how to fold a kimono when the owner still has it on. His BJJ is technically extremely efficient and clean!

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Friday, 05.08.: Grigori Winizki

"Grischa" is the most successful Striker ever from the German Top Team. As a multiple medal winner at world championships in Kyokushinkai, Budo Kai, K-1 and Shidokan Triathlon, the Shidokan world champion of 2015 is a real house number when it comes to striking.

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These six top trainers will be supported by two other Blackbelts from the German Top Team. Both Amin Aichele, co-owner of Grapple & Move Freiberg, and I will lead individual training sessions on different days. I would like to recommend Thursday to you, because Amin will hold a small wrestling seminar before the sessions with Diego. This should be an enrichment for the game of each participant.

On Saturday, 06.08, a "Chill-Out-Day" is scheduled to let the participants recover from the exertions shortly before the competition. On this day, a two-part ref training by ADCC Germany and Shooto Germany is on the schedule before the visit to the spa, so that the participants also receive additional qualifications.

Become a part of HELL WEEK 2022, choose one or more days and book your participation now.

On Sunday follows the big final tournament "MAEDA Submissionism Invitational" with the coaches and participants of the camp. As a prize, besides unspeakable fame, a real samurai sword.

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