Team of the Year: German Top Team

German Top Team

ADCC Germany Best Team: German Top Team

Affiliations have become an integral part of the development of BJJ and grappling today. The networks that have been created guarantee consistent. teaching and a strong development of all fighters in the team. The German Top Team has now established itself as the "gold standard" in Germany. With schools throughout Germany, all of which are run by experienced GTT trainers, the German Top Team is the undisputed No. 1 of all affiliations and teams in Germany at ADCC Germany. 15 Blackbelts in Luta Livre and 5 Blackbelts in BJJ show that the affiliation is superbly positioned throughout Germany. With an incredible 14 gold, 32 silver and 15 bronze medals, fighters from a German Top Team 2023 school stood on the podium 61 times at ADCC. The team has also won the "Best Team" award in the team classification at the German Open every year since 2019.

20th anniversary in a few months

In March 2024, the German Top Team will be 20 years old. Two decades ago, nobody would have dreamed that the brainchild of head coach Peter Angerer would one day become Germany's No. 1 address. First-class coaches in all areas of full-contact fighting now run the GTT schools across Germany and the athletes from the champion forge will do everything in their power to maintain their supremacy in Germany in 2024.

Gracie Barra and Checkmat in 2nd and 3rd place

The strength of the national and international competition at ADCC in Germany is demonstrated by the fact that world-famous affiliates are at the start. Gracie Barra won a total of 6 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals this year. She was closely followed by another major global player: Checkmat. The fighters of the Checkmat team won 8 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals in the current season and were only four points behind Gracie Barra. We look forward to welcoming many strong affiliations and teams to the ADCC Germany competitions again next year.

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