Training in the German Top Team for professional and top athletes

German Top Team official announcement

Public life is firmly in the grip of government regulations and restrictions designed to prevent the uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus. At least in personal training and training for top and professional sports there are small rays of hope. And this is where we come in. We want to give ALL of our members the opportunity to train and provide the appropriate time slots.

First of all, the provisions regarding the new professional and elite sports training, which is carried out a maximum of three times a week and is limited to a maximum of 10 people. The following members of the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen are recognized professional athletes or top athletes (belonging to the national selection of Shooto Germany, Shidokan Germany or ADCC Germany):

A) Top athletes without professional status (*= European Championship, World Championship or All Japan participation)

  1. Steven Drammis *
  2. Mario Jaranovic *
  3. Raimond Merz *
  4. Michael Ettlen *
  5. Erhan Günes *
  6. Diego Figueiredo
  7. Patrick Deile
  8. Melanie Bauer
  9. Ricardo Ribeiro

B) Professional athlete with official fight record

  1. Kristin Angerer
  2. Alexander Budja
  3. Francisco Daniel Tempera
  4. Sven Fortenbacher
  5. Amin Aichele
  6. Jonathan Estedt
  7. Stefan Hoss
  8. Selvin Ramcilovic
  9. Markus Held

These 18 members of the German Top Team will be allowed to participate in the training sessions for professional and top athletes, which are awarded in the reservation tool, from 09.11. (10 person limit without spectators and other companions). For ALL members of the German Top Team Reutlingen and interested persons who are not members of the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen, there will also be the possibility for a personal training session with me


will be available per month. The session will be for 60 minutes (for membership fees up to 75 euros) and 65 minutes for members with a fee of more than 75 euros. The sessions must be reserved and booked one day in advance.

We URGENTLY ask all persons to observe the following instructions:

  1. Only persons who have booked an appointment for training in advance and are completely free of all symptoms of illness are allowed to enter the academy. For all other persons there is an absolute ban on entering and visiting our premises during the lockdown.
  2. The academy will be locked during the training to prevent unregulated entry of additional people.
  3. Persons coming to the training are asked to wait WITH mouth/nose covering and sufficient distance in front of the academy until they are admitted to the training.
  4. I ask that all training participants arrive freshly showered for training in sportswear. The locker rooms and showers will not be available and will be locked.
  5. Our non-contact hand sanitizers on the training areas and restrooms should be used BEFORE and AFTER each workout. Used training equipment should be cleaned and disinfected (pratzen, kettlebells etc.)
  6. After EVERY training session, the training area must be disinfected.

I wish all our members a lot of fun and joy with the training and refer at this point also again to our offer of the German Top Team Online Academywhich can be used free of charge by our members during the lockdown. I look forward to seeing you!

Your Peter Angerer

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