Japan 2019 update

Unfortunately, this year's Japan trip of the German Top Team experiences two unexpected changes in advance. First, Amin Aichele was seriously injured in sparring last week and suffered a multiple fracture of the eye socket. He will be operated this week, but of course he will miss his two planned fights in Odawara and Tokyo. As a small consolation, he will still accompany the team and support the fighters of the team as a coach on site. An immeasurably strong help for the team, which may profit from the experience and the know-how of the experienced fighter and coach now. We keep all fingers crossed for Amin for the upcoming surgery and wish him on this way again a fast and complete recovery. We are sure that he will soon be back in the ring as a fighter.

The second update concerns head coach Peter Angerer's grappling superfight at the All Japan Shidokan Championships on Oct. 6 in Tokyo. Yesterday the rules for the fight were confirmed. Without weight and time limits, this fight will be fought according to submission-only rules. However, with the "small" surprise that Kentaro Ishikawa will not weigh 90 kg as previously stated, but currently stands at 100 kg according to his own information. For Angerer, who currently weighs 82 kg, this is a huge change. Giving up a good 18 kg in weight in such a fight is quite a feat. Nevertheless, the 51-year-old is confident about the upcoming fight, which is the final chapter in his book "Mein Weg zurück" (My Way Back), which is currently being written.

In this book, Angerer reports on his "ordeal" after an operation for an artificial hip and a severe heart attack this year, back to active competition at international level. Friends and fans who want to support this project with a small donation can do so quickly and securely on the GoFundMe Page for this. Any donation for this project is welcome!

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