Events in November 2020

There was a lot of interest, as you would expect, but I never thought it would be this big. So I had to impose a registration freeze for "Rookies V" so that we can make sure that the participants and officials are as safe as possible (Corona). However, I have received so many mails and calls in the past few days that I realized that I have to follow up on this as soon as possible.

For this reason, I have planned two more events for November 2020 in the German Top Team set:

SHOOTO "Rookies VI"

On Sunday, 22.11. we will again give the newcomers and newcomers the chance for good and fair fights under a safe set of rules in amateur Shooto with SHOOTO "Rookies VI" in our premises. Also at this event a registration stop is valid from approx. 35 participating athletes. Only complete and prepaid entries will be considered.

Info and registration SHOOTO "Rookies VI"


German Top Team "Interclub X

At the beginning of the lockdown I promised that I would thank the schools and fighters of the German Top Team for the solidarity and loyalty shown. For this reason, an "Interclub" of the German Top Team and our friendly network schools is now scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 29. All fighters can enter and compete in this event for FREE! My thanks for the incredible support and the shown and lived team spirit that we were allowed to experience during the lockdown.

Info and registration German Top Team "Interclub X
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