We're going to the World Cup!


ADCC World Championships in Warsaw

Next weekend, the ADCC Amateur World Championships will take place for the first time in Warsaw (Poland) and over 700 athletes from all over the world will be competing. And among these participants are also some athletes from the German Top Team and its affiliation schools from all over Germany. Most of them have already been very successful at the events of ADCC Germanybut some have already won international gold at open tournaments in Asia and throughout Europe. Rafael Pratnicki (Kenan Akademie Würzburg) and Selvin Ramcilovic (German Top Team Böblingen) will be coaching the team.

Strong women at the start for the GTT

Gianna Giaimi (Mekong Box Gym Neu-Ulm) and Melanie Reebig (German Top Team HQ) have already stood on the podium several times at national and international events in Germany. Melanie won the silver medal at the German Open in 2022 and is about to face her first tough test in Poland after moving up to the Intermediate class. Gianna recently won the ADCC Super Series in Magdeburg and the German Open in Herrenberg two weeks ago and is looking forward to her first trip abroad to a World Championship.

However, the star of the GTT's women's line-up is Annabelle Heimerdinger (German Top Team Böblingen), who has only lost one fight on points in her entire career. The multiple German Open winner also won the gold medal at last year's South European Championships in Croatia and the bronze medal at the European Championships. This spring, she also won the ADCC Amsterdam Open in Holland, proving that she is currently a force to be reckoned with. Her gold medal at the German Open two weeks ago underpins this impression.

Three Shooto European champions for the team at the start

Three European Shooto champions from the German Top Team will take to the mat in Warsaw. Gela Deisadze and Björn Herrmann (both Samurai Fight Team Leipzig) and Kai Fröhlich (Kenan Akademie Würzburg) have already shown at past ADCC tournaments that they are also among the favorites for a podium place in grappling. All three have already won several medals at the ADCC German Nationals and German Open and have also successfully faced strong competition at the Super Series events. All three see this World Championship as perfect preparation for the upcoming All Japan Shooto Championships in Japan in October and want to show that they are all-round strong and serious all-rounders who feel comfortable in any profession.

The Silverbacks are at the start

Grigori Winizki (Samurai Fight Team Leipzig) and Peter Angerer (German Top Team HQ) may already be Masters, but both will still be competing in the Professionals class at these world championships, where they will be up against some very select international competition. Grigori is one of the absolute favorites at every ADCC event in Germany and has already won the gold medal several times at the German Nationals, German Open and in the Super Series. Peter has recently had a strong run this year. He won double gold at the ADCC Open in Phuket (Thailand) and two weeks ago he was victorious at the German Open and won another gold medal.

The Young Guns rock Warsaw

In the Adult Intermediate category, two fighters in particular have stood out over the last three years: Matthew Mays (Kenan Akademie Würzburg) and Sven Fortenbacher (German Top Team Herrenberg) have delivered tremendous performances at the German Open, German Nationals and the Super Series. As usual, both are competing in the Intermediate class in the men's -76 kg category and are currently in top form. Both are good for a place on the podium in what is probably the strongest class and we can look forward to seeing whether they can achieve this goal.

The complete list of starters from the German Top Teamsorted by school:

German Top Team HQ Reutlingen

Sven Fortenbacher, Men Intermediate -76 kg
Peter Angerer, Masters Professional -76.9 kg
Martin Przegendza, Men Advanced -91 kg
Melanie Reebig, Women Intermediate -60 kg

German Top Team Böblingen

Annabelle Heimerdinger, Women Intermediate -60 kg

German Top Team Performance Center Herrenberg

Talha Ipek, Men Beginner -100 kg

Samurai Fight Team (German Top Team Saxony)

Björn Herrman, Men Intermediate -65 kg
Roman Chernov, Men Intermediate -83 kg
Gela Deisadze, Men Intermediate -83 kg
Dimitri Tschodu, Men Advanced -83 kg
Grigori Winizki, Masters Professional -76.9 kg

Kenan Academy Würzburg

Matthew Mays, Men Intermediate -76 kg
Kai Fröhlich, Masters Intermediate -65.9 kg

Mekong Box Gym Neu-Ulm

Gianna Giaimi, Women Beginner -60 kg
Can Celebi, Men Intermediate -91 kg

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