We create structure in chaos


The lockdown and the government's curfews due to the Corona virus are extremely hard on all of us. Public life has virtually come to a standstill, and especially for professional and competitive athletes (squad athletes), the closure of sports schools for normal training is an absolute disaster. How is one supposed to remain at an acceptable level of performance if "normal" training is made de facto impossible? As far as martial arts are concerned, Germany is currently in chaos.

However, there are ways to continue practicing the sport as a professional or elite athlete. Of course, the restrictions of the state governments vary at the level of the federal states, but it is time that we at least for the associations ADCC Germany, Shidokan Germany and Shooto Germany meet our responsibility for the professional and top athletes. The basic requirement for this is the clear designation of the respective athlete on the part of the federation as a professional or top athlete. This is a measure that has never been required or necessary in this form before. In the current times, however, it is unfortunately necessary, so that the athletes can continue to train (in compliance with the restrictions of the respective location), so that they do not lose touch with the international competition after the lockdown and can continue to participate in competitions.

For this reason, in my capacity as head of these three federations, I have established clear guidelines that define who is considered a professional or elite athlete of the respective federation. Only active members of the respective federation are eligible for inclusion in the list of squad athletes.

It would be important and useful for eligible athletes to check with their city council or state government in advance to determine what restrictions would allow them to resume training as squad athletes.

For my school, the German Top Team HQ in Reutlingen, whose members are automatically active members of all three federations by paying an annual fee, I am currently preparing everything to make training possible again, at least for the squad athletes. After the regulatory office in Reutlingen was not able to answer my question whether training is possible again under which conditions, despite several telephone promises over weeks, I am currently having the conditions for an opening for professional and top athletes checked.

At the same time, I am preparing lists and entry forms for squad athletes and training bases here on the federations' website. In general, the more athletes and schools that come into question and participate, the stronger and more weighty our voice will be.

In the past decades, I have always looked after and cared for the interests of these associations and it is out of the question for me to stand idly by and watch the development work of the past years go down the drain.

If you have any questions about this topic, would like to get involved or support this project in principle, please feel free to contact us through our Contact form get in touch with me. The cohesion and exchange of all schools and athletes in these times is more important than ever and essential to our efforts to keep the sport alive.

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