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Fighter MSI 2020 Maeda Submissionism Invitational

I am currently preparing the German Top Team YouTube channel for a great event. We are talking about a Submission Only event split into several episodes, which will be broadcast exclusively on the Youtube channel, with some of the best fighters the GTT has to offer. In a real round robin tournament without weight or power classes, the 8 opponents will meet each other and fight in submission only mode.

In addition, last week I started to put selected lessons from the course "Enter the Backmount" of mine online via the Youtube channel. A total of 7 techniques will be made available to everyone over a period of two weeks. I just want to push the awareness of the Online Academy again and at the same time draw attention to our channel.

So you'd be doing me a huge favor if you'd take the Channel of the German Top Team on Youtube and click on "Subscribe". If you then click on the bell next to it and activate all notifications, you will definitely not miss any new techniques or events from us. You are cordially invited to work your way through the channel and browse through our archives. There is one or the other treasure slumbering. Thank you for your great support and your brilliant support in the current difficult time! You are the BEST!

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