Interim status of the renovation and refurbishment

Renovation and refurbishment

A renovation, or redevelopment, of a business is always a challenge. But if you are not allowed to work with more than 1 other person because of the contact ban due to the corona virus, the whole thing becomes really difficult. Unless you work with the right people. In week 1 of our "vacation", the entire dojo was emptied.

Step two this week was working off the plaster and paint in some damp spots. The walls were treated with special undercoat and spackled and next week will be the painting and laying of insulation and insulation for the wall impact protection and floor mats.

The mats in the dojo are completely changed and replaced by the Premium 3-layer mats from Okami Fightgear replaced. This means that in two weeks you can train in one of the most beautiful dojos in the region, provided that the restrictions due to the Corona virus are relaxed or lifted.

Expanded range and new business areas

But even in the event that training is not yet possible due to the epidemic, we will continue to step on the gas for you. For all members, webinars and online classes in various training areas will follow. This content will of course be filmed in the new dojo, partly even streamed live and put online. All members of the German Top Team in Reutlingen and our friendly and affiliated schools will have access to it for free.

We will also be announcing a third surprise in the coming days, opening up a new line of business for the German Top Team enter. So we are massively expanding our footholds in this crisis and sincerely and wholeheartedly thank our members and friends for their unprecedented support and assistance.

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